Stellar Pendant®
Stellar Pendant®
Stellar Pendant®

Stellar Pendant®

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Safeguard in style. The Stellar Pendant® is an EMF protection necklace that offers up to 8 meters of protection from harmful EMF fields.


Designed with ongoing research and testing, the Stellar Pendant is an EMF pendant that combines functionality and style. Wearers will love the striking colours, gold and violet flame, and the exceptional protection the pendant provides.  It delivers up to 8 meters around the wearer by producing a negatively charged ground current.

How the Stellar Pendant® works

Through Orgone Effects® distinctive infusion process, the Stellar Pendant® is equipped with a healthy negative charge that balances the positive charge of harmful EMF radiation. As a result, it neutralizes any EMF stress in the body and offers many beneficial properties for EMF-sensitive and electro-hypersensitive individuals.

The Stellar Pendant® supports and strengthens body energy, meridian systems, and vital organs weakened by daily exposure to harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).


  • Available in 2 beautiful colours without any compromise on performance, as there is no difference between the coloured pendants
  • Harmonizes over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including radiation caused by 5G (view list here)
  • Made from Orgone Effects® specialized energy-infused inert resin
  • Suited for ages 4 years and upwards
  • Colorfast and will not cause skin irritation
  • Vegan-friendly cotton cord
  • Durable and can be worn in the shower or swimming
  • Harmonizing ability that will last a lifetime
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide

*Due to the handmade quality of this product, minor variations in color and finish may occur. 


Aus Owned
Orgone Effects® range of harmonizing products has undergone years of rigorous field testing and is proven effective against 30 different kinds of harmful EMFs, including 5G streetlights.

All our products are recommended and distributed by accredited Health Professionals worldwide, such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths and Chiropractors. Using Kinesiology audits and scientific instruments like the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna, our products are tested by experts on the effects of electromagnetic stress on meridian systems and organs. 

Orgone Effects® EMF harmonizing products are made with an accurate negative charge frequency, which is vital to successfully neutralize and balance the positive charge resonance (a harmful component of Electromagnetic Fields). We call this our exclusive Orgonium® process, enabling our products to neutralize any electromagnetic stress on the human body that’ll last a lifetime. 

To learn more about how we test our products, visit our Testing page.


In regards to the results, I have never tested such a product in 15 years of personal research that has such a profound effect on the human energy field (aura).  The results I found literally shocked me.  I have tested many energy enhancers/shielding devices/crystals/sacred geometry/colours etc., none of these has come close to the effect of the pendant on such a large basis and cross section of the public.  I think the pendant is a very exciting tool that has the ability to bring energetic/physical health to all people.
Matthew Shields, Registered Nurse, GDV Practitioner, Albury, N.S.W.

Dear Mr. Bini: I am currently wearing your Personal Protection Pendant.  Thank you so very much - I truly love it!  And I am loving how I feel!  Thank you for producing such an amazing pendant!  I'm blown away - it's a "life-changer.
C. Lemmon, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

My children and I have been using Orgone Effects pendants for many years now. We know it makes a massive difference to our energy and our immune systems. Thank you so much, Gerard Bini! I prescribe and recommend your products to all my clients.
Colleen Cheketri, Naturopath, Queensland.

I know my own personal energy has been enhanced by the Pendant. I recently travelled for work and wore it at all times with all the wireless and electronic equipment in the Convention Centre. I continued to feel light and not heavy headed as in the past.
K. Kauffman

Have received the Pendant this morning.  As soon as I put mine on I could feel it working... the energy is so strong, beautiful.  Very grateful for your inventions and looking forward to feeling so much better.
D. Cummins, New Zealand

Wearing the pendant has made a significant improvement to my physical and mental health, and I have achieved goals that I had previously lacked the motivation and will-power to achieve.  I have noticed an increase in my energy levels, particularly when coming home after working at my office all day in front of the computer.  In fact, after forgetting to wear my pendant one day, I was particularly moody, lethargic, and grumpy when I came home - I used to think this was normal! Since being exposed to Gerard's products, I can identify a very positive turning point in my life and I am extremely grateful for discovering this technology.
Michael, Melbourne

I received my new pendant yesterday and as soon as I started wearing it I noticed increased energy. I also just woke up from the best night sleep I’ve had in a very long time. I have the white pendant. Love it!!
Natasha Stork

Hi Gerard, I recently bought several items at your stand at the MBS in Brisbane.  It made an instant difference to my energy when I put the Pendant on, there and then. I just wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing, as I have known about Orgone for quite some time but have not found any products that resonated as yours do!  Thank you so very much, as I am grateful for all you are doing.  Love and Blessings.
Anastacia Kompos

My personal Pendant and Geoclense harmonizer certainly helps me, as I’m hypersensitive to so much.
Sandy Bettison

These Pendants are one of the main things that I use to protect my energy on the daily!  Those who are sensitive to EMF, chemicals and negative energies will benefit from having these Pendants on them.  Personally, I find the Pendant extremely supportive with protecting against energies.  As an empath, I tend to pick up all sorts of not so nice energies if I’m not wearing the Pendant – especially if I’m in an environment with lots of people!  So, if you tend to get overwhelmed by large crowds, the Pendant may be supportive for you.
Adam & Eve Wellness

I have certainly felt a difference in my energy since wearing the pendant, thank you. I feel ‘clearer’ too.
Cara, Kangaroo Ground, Vic.

My working environment is an office with computers and fluorescent lights. I'm a writer, so I can't escape from my tools! I was recently diagnosed with Panic Disorder and have been desperate for some internal "quiet". The day I put the Pendant on, I felt more positive, and the panicky moments have reduced. So, thank you!

Since wearing my pendant I’ve noticed my tinnitus has reduced in severity.  Within the first couple of days the tinnitus backed right off, to a low buzz, not sure if it’s due the pendant or coincidence, but I’m not taking it off to find out.
Jeanette McKenzie


Has the Stellar Pendant replaced the coloured pendants?

Yes, it has replaced the colored pendant range because it offers so much more EMF protection.

Is the Stellar Pendant stronger than the original coloured pendants?
Yes, it is more powerful than our coloured pendant range.  The Sellar Pendant was originally tested on a real person standing under an electrical transformer, being subjected to 100milligauss + during a Geomagnetic solar event which was causing a Geoelectric field up to 6 meters out of the ground.  A situation 3 times worse than a 5G street light EMF environment.  The person’s normal orange pendant provided full meridian protection, whereas the Stellar Pendant not only provided full meridian protection plus it extended their clear space up to 6-8 meters around the wearer.

I have a coloured pendant, do I need to replace it with a Stellar Pendant?

Not necessarily, however, some people will really appreciate the extra energetic field protection.

How far does the Stellar Pendant protect you?

Up to 8 meters around the person.

When do I need to wear the pendant?

If you have a Geoclense plugged into the house, then you don’t need to wear the pendant while at home.  The pendant was created for continued electromagnetic radiation protection while you’re out and about and away from the protection of the Geoclense environment at home or work.

What are the pendants made from?

The Stellar Pendant is made from our own specialized energy-infused inert resin which is color fast and will not out-gas or cause skin irritation and are supplied with a vegan-friendly cotton cord.

Do I need to wear a pendant when I sleep?

No, not if you have a Geoclense operating in the house.

Can I wear my pendant in the water?

Yes.  The Stellar Pendant is very durable and can be worn in the shower or bath or while swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool without damaging the pendant.

Do I have to wear the pendant against my skin to be effective?

If you’re wearing a pendant purely for EMF protection, then it doesn’t matter whether it is on the skin or not.

Does the pendant need to be around my neck to work?

No.  Many women will place their pendant in their bra or pocket if it clashes with an outfit they are wearing that day or evening.  In other words, the pendant doesn’t have to be worn around your neck to work, if it is on the person, it will be effective.

How long do the Pendants last?

The harmonizing ability of the pendant will not decay over time which means they will last forever.

Will the pendant accumulate any negative energies from other people or from the wearer?


If I’m wearing a personal tracker, will the pendant protect me from its electromagnetic field?

Yes.  Especially if the pendant is worn against the skin.

Will the pendant leach any toxins or out-gassing?


If I chip my pendant will it still work?


Do the pendants need charging like a crystal?


Should children wear a pendant?

Pendants are designed for people from the age of 4 years and upwards.  We don’t recommend a pendant for infants and toddlers as it may pose a choking hazard.

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