Podcast: Beyond EMF

WiFi. 5G. Smart Meters. We constantly hear these popular devices being associated with harmful EMFs, but is this all to it? 

The truth is, there’s so much more to EMF than just 5G, and it’s time we addressed these lesser-known concerns.  

It’s time we went BEYOND EMF. 

Hosted by our very own Founder, Gerard Bini, Beyond EMF is an exclusive podcast by Orgone Effects® that discusses the real EMF problems affecting our health. In this podcast, we’ll explore various EMF topics, bust some myths, and dissect what it means to have happier homes and lives. 

Every episode features special guests and subject matter experts in their own right. We’ll talk to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from kinesiology to alternative health, and from the psychic to the spiritual areas of our worlds. 

Join us to learn new truths and different perspectives on the world around us. 

Listen to Episode 1: Interactions with Spooky Spirits and the Paranormal

Listen to Episode 2: Finding your own Intuition

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