About the Founder

Meet Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini started his EMF career in the construction industry. Using his acute intuitive senses and dowsing experience honed over many years, he quickly built a reputable image as an Intuitive Building Biologist.

During his time in the industry, Gerard noticed the high levels of dangerous EMFs and noxious energy emissions that unknowingly affected people’s health and well-being. So in 2000, he started Orgone Effects® to develop a range of EMF harmonizing products using decades of intuitive experience and research.

“Being intuitive does not mean that science is ignored. On the contrary, intuitive processes involve the science of multiple testing, double-blind testing, and statistical data to back up the results of our testing. It’s not an ‘in my own mind it works’ attitude.”
Gerard Bini

In 2004, during his consultancy work in Melbourne, Gerard realized he needed an efficient solution to neutralize the effects of EMF fields and Earth Radiation at home. This led him to invent the first Geoclense® Home & Workplace Harmonizer, an EMF product that neutralizes the Earth's Magnetic Grid Lines, Ground Currents, Smart Meters and Wi-Fi radiation. 

Today, the Geoclense® is one of Orgone Effects’® best selling products with even better capabilities than its predecessor. Gerard’s continuous research and intuitive knowledge has contributed to the Geoclense® being the only product in the world capable of neutralizing over 30 different EMF fields.  

Gerard currently dedicates his time to online intuitive house readings, product development and research, as well as educating the public on the harmful EMF radiation impacting their lives.

“From humble beginnings, I’m so proud to see Orgone Effects®’ harmonizing products now being sold to over 20 countries worldwide. I strongly believe that by combining intuition, research, and the science of testing, we can continue to develop products that minimize the stress of EMF on our body’s organs and meridian system - that is my goal.”  
Gerard Bini