Gift Card

Gift Card

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Buying a gift for someone special? Give them the gift of an EMF-free life with the Orgone Effects® Gift Card.

Not sure which of our products to choose from? Spoil them with choices by giving them a healthier life with an Orgone Effects® gift card! Select your gift card from a range of values that are guaranteed to please. 

Whether it’s birthdays or housewarmings, our gift cards are suitable for any occasion. Recipients can redeem them on any of Orgone Effects® range of products and services for a healthier home, workspace and life.

Give the gift of the best care for EMF protection with the Orgone Effects® Gift Card.


  • Gift cards are sent immediately to the recipient’s home
  • Choose from multiple gift card values
  • Orgone Effects® gift cards have no expiration date
  • Redeemable on all of Orgone Effects® range of harmonizing products and solutions
  • No returns or refunds on gift cards
  • Convenient, flexible, and hassle-free

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