What Are The Most Dangerous Forms Of EMF In A Building?

What Are The Most Dangerous Forms Of EMF In A Building?
Most people who are Electromagnetic Field (EMF) aware, seem to believe that radiation emitted from their electrical system is the most harmful form of EMF in a building. Closely followed would be the radio frequency from Wi-Fi and Smart Meters, with Earth Radiation considered the least harmful to humans. However, this is not so!

The most dangerous forms of EMF in buildings

The most dangerous forms of EMF in buildings comes from various forms of Earth Radiation, i.e. Grid Lines and Radioactive Minerals such as Uranium, Granite and Coal which cause Geopathic Stress in the human body, and Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprints, caused by emotional and illness distress and deaths. The below list outlines a variety of EMF you could be exposed to in your home or workplace. • Death Imprints • Negative Psychic Impressions/Imprints • Emotional Pain Body Imprints • Illness Imprints • Radioactive Minerals such as Uranium, Granite, Coal, Lead etc. • Water Veins over 1000mm wide (ground floor only) • 400 Meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines • Digital TV beams • Electrical Systems (i.e. Electrical Appliances, Power points and Smart Meters) • Radio Frequency and Microwave fields (i.e. Wi-Fi and Smart Meters) • Fluorescent Lighting • Solar Wind Activity

Intuitive Building Biology Assessment

Having a building assessed for EMF from electrical appliances and systems and radio frequency from potential outside hazards such as mobile phone towers, and not including all forms of Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation can be misleading. We are often called to premises in our consultancy work because the occupants believe that their electrical system or Smart Meter is affecting their health. However, in most cases, the real danger is not the Smart Meter nor the EMF from electrical systems at all. Often, the biggest problems are caused by the emotional states of the current or previous occupants which may create emotional pain body Bioplasmic imprints within a house. For example, the older the building, the greater the accumulation of Bioplasmic Radiation Fields.

Death Imprints

Having someone die in a house or on the land before a building is constructed, is going to leave an initial imprint at the place of death, and, a subsequent Bioplasmic field that extends to the boundaries of the property. Should the death imprint be under the roofline, then the building being a resonant cavity, will amplify the charge throughout the whole building.


In the workplace, the problem we see the most is negative psychic impressions created by either the workers against each other or towards management, or a negative emotional attitude directed to them from their competitors. Negative psychic impression is also very common with rental properties and in buildings where there has been family in-fighting, i.e. a marriage breakup.

Digital TVs

Digital TVs have their own hidden dangers which need to be assessed in a home. What most people don’t realise about our Digital TV’s is they create an EMF field in the form of an imprinted beam in front of the screen, the actual size and shape of your screen, which may travel through the house and into the neighbor’s property. You cannot detect this Digital TV EMF field with a conventional RF Meter or Gauss Meter which is why we prefer to use smarter EMF detectors such as the Lecher Antenna or Biotensor.

Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi router location that is too close to people in a home is another danger. Wi-Fi creates a charged field up to 2 meters around the router itself when someone is using the internet. This charged EMF field can cause a lot of electromagnetic stress in the body and is quite noticeable, especially if you’re Electro-hypersensitive.

Electrical Systems & Smart Meters

Electrical systems, especially power points and the Meter Box/Smart Meter are another issue. Some power points, especially in houses 50 years old where the electrical wiring has not been upgraded, may create EMF fields up to 1.5 meters away from the power-point. The Smart Meter or Meter box will create an EMF field up to 3 meters away.

What can we do about exposure to these different types of noxious radiation fields?

We developed the Geoclense Home and Workplace Radiation Harmonizer in 2004 to neutralize the many different Electromagnetic Radiation and Earth Radiation fields and the various Bioplasmic Radiation imprints found in any given space. We use the Geoclense exclusively in our Intuitive Building Biology consultancy work, or purchase the Geoclense here. By Gerard Bini Intuitive Building Biologist