The Alarming Truth About Digital TV And What You Should Know

The Alarming Truth About Digital TV And What You Should Know

In this article, Orgone Effects’ Gerard Bini discusses the harmful, hidden effects of digital TV. There’s always been a debate as to what’s the most dangerous electrical device in our homes.

The general public’s awareness these days seems to be centred mostly around the harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from Wi-Fi and Smart Meters. However, few people realise that digital TVs may potentially be the most harmful electrical device in our house. Worse still, there’s little information on the internet about the EMR problems associated with digital TVs.

Before digital TV, there was some understanding around the potential EMR dangers of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV screens and computer monitors. When the slimline flat screen computer monitor technology became available, there was a belief that they would be less harmful than the older CRT computer monitors, and that was correct.

With the rollout of the slimline flat screen digital TV, the assumption was that they too would be less harmful than the older CRT TV screens. This however, was not the case.

The alarming truth about digital TVs that the public aren’t aware of is that a digital TV projects an EMR field. The EMR field is in the form of a beam, of potentially up to 100 metres in length from in front of the screen.

This beam is as large as the size and the shape of your digital TV screen and is projected from the front only, not from behind or either side of the TV. So, if you’re seated directly in front of your digital TV screen, or even as far as 10 metres away, the EMR stress placed on different organs of your body from direct exposure to this beam, is unusually very high.

This has been confirmed by Orgone Effects’ own testing and by Accredited Kinesiologists. In addition, if you’re living in a suburb where the terrain is relatively flat or in an apartment complex, your neighbours’ digital TV may face into your property.

The 100 metre EMR beam in front of their TV screen will then project directly into your house where you may be sitting or sleeping. What we also discovered is that when your digital TV is turned off, disconnected or moved from its original position, the 100-metre beam still exists as an EMR imprint in that space. Although it’s less harmful than when the TV is turned on in its original position, the imprint still remains.

Measuring Digital TV EMR

These truths became a debate amongst those who wished to measure EMR fields with a gauss meter or radio frequency meter. This equipment cannot, however, reflect the actual danger of the digital TV’s radiation beam.

In 2007, after becoming quite concerned about the harmful nature of this type of EMR on humans, we decided to contact the Digital Rollout Corporation by email, as our concern was consistently confirmed through our daily Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy work in houses.

The reply we received from the Digital Rollout Corporation was quite surprising. In their email, they strongly denied any danger of digital TVs by citing the fact that gauss meters and radio frequency meters cannot measure a digital TVs EMR field.

However, being an Intuitive Building Biologist, I use much more sensitive EMR equipment to measure radiation fields, such as the Lecher Antenna, Biotensor and Kinesiology to validate the EMR dangers of digital TV.

What can we do?

So, what can we do about it? A common and simple method for some people who attempt to negate EMR is to use a salt lamp. However, our testing showed that the 100 meter EMR beam bypassed the salt lamp, rendering it useless as an EMR balancer. Orgone Effects ™ has developed a specific program in the Geoclense ® Home & Workplace Harmonizer to successfully negate and neutralize digital TV radiation beams.

This is proven beyond doubt with the Lecher Antenna and Biotensor, both scientific EMR measuring tools, and Accredited Kinesiology and Bioresonance Therapy testing.

It takes just one Orgone Effects Geoclense Home & Workplace Harmonizer to neutralise the harmful effects of digital TV radiation beams in your whole home or workplace.


By Gerard Bini

World-renowned Intuitive Building Biologist General Manager of Orgone Effects Healthy Home, Healthier Life.