The 2 Faces of 5G - Revisited

The 2 Faces of 5G - Revisited

Many people are aware that 5G basically means that 5G antennas have been installed into every LED street light throughout an entire suburb. This is how the telcos install 5G so that it’s fully functional for 5G phone use and 5G Broadband.

5G Tower

In February, 2019 we conducted our own 5G testing in Dickson, Canberra - one of the first suburbs in Australia to have 5G activated. We also conducted testing on our EMF harmonizing products to prove they can neutralize the 5G radiation.

Before we left for Canberra, we did some research on the suburb of Dickson and it was confirmed that Dickson did in fact have 5G antennas set up on all their LED street lights, and that 5G was indeed active there.

From the testing we conducted in Dickson, we were alarmed to find that 5G radiation from the LED street lights actually created a “Geoelectric charge” through the ground's crust which emanated up to 1.5 meters above the ground! This Geoelectric charge creates very harmful radiation to humans. 

So, in a suburb where there are 5G microcell antennas installed in all the street lights, the ENTIRE suburb is affected by this Geolelectric charge emanating 1.5 meters above the ground, and the subsequent radiation engulfs and fills every house, as all houses are resonant cavities.

This was Orgone Effects® own unique discovery confirmed by using a credible EMF measuring tool called the Biotensor which can detect Geoelectric charge created by EMF where and when it occurs. 

Radiation caused by 5G is what scientists around the world have been concerned about for years, however, very few of them are aware of this Geoelectric field which is created by the 5G antennas.

Geoelectric charge fields are not just a 5G phenomenon. Due to our ongoing research, Orgone Effects® have been aware for a long time that these fields also occur on a planetary scale when we have high solar winds and during some planetary retrogrades i.e. when Mercury goes into retrograde. 

The average EMF meter will NOT read these Geoelectric charge fields, except for scientific equipment such as a Magnometer, and a simple tool such as a Biotensor is also able to perceive the Geoelectric charge through the ground.


But Did you know that there is another 5G system? 

This 5G system is being broadcast from pre-existing 4G towers for both 4G and 5G mobile phone coverage and also for 5G Broadband, and it is already set up and operating in many capital cities and suburbs throughout Australia.

What is interesting to note is that 4G and 5G towers also create a Geoelectric charge throughout the ground, which creates a harmful radiation charge up to 1.5 meters above the ground, however, only within approximately 80 meters from the tower itself. Initially, the 5G coverage from 4G towers was for mobile phone use only, however, as time goes by, the network of 5G towers has increased allowing the use in some areas of 5G Broadband. 

This means that if you are outside a building standing within 80 meters of the tower, then you are subjecting your body’s meridians and organs to EMF stress. Or, even worse, if you are inside a building within 80 metres of a 4G or 5G tower, you are going to be subjected to even more EMF stress. This is because a building is a resonant cavity and therefore “amplifies” all forms of radiation within a building. Beyond 80 meters from the tower, that 5G millimetre wave is actually harmless. 

The general consensus from the so-called scientific community is that the millimetre wave is the harmful EMF culprit, when in fact, it is the Geoelectric charge through the ground that is the real EMF stressor to our health and well-being, no matter whether it is coming from a 4/5G tower, or from microcell antennas in LED street lights throughout an entire suburb.

The scientific perception that the millimetre wave is harmful to humans comes from RF measurements that are taken at very close proximity to the 5G equipment, without realising that the radiation stress is actually coming from the Geoelectric charge through the ground, causing massive earth radiation and Geopathic stress in the body.  Geopathic stress is regarded and recognised as a bigger health stress than EMF by health practitioners around the world who work with EMF and Geopathic Stress issues.

We are all aware of the radiation dangers of using a mobile phone. Using a 5G phone is no different to the dangers of using a 4G mobile phone. The Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer will neutralize the radiation charge emitted from both 4G and 5G phones.



It would have been helpful if the telcos had explained the two differences in 5G from the beginning as it may have reduced anxiety levels in some people who have an awareness of 5G and towers, however, they required some clarification.


Here is a link to the Optus 5G network map which is now active for 5G phones and possibly 5G Broadband. Telstra’s map is also as extensive as Optus.

By Gerard Bini

Founder and Managing Director

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.