Solar Winds & Planetary Retrograde Effects On The Increase Of Earth Radiation

Solar Winds & Planetary Retrograde Effects On The Increase Of Earth Radiation

Solar Winds & Planetary Retrograde Effects On The Increase Of Earth Radiation

Does anyone have any awareness of what happens to the earth when we have high solar winds of over 400Km/second, and even more severe at higher speeds of around 700KM/second or during Mercury in Retrograde? We experience extreme Geopathic Stress.

When the earth experiences either of the above, a strange phenomenon occurs where 3 unusual things happen. First, the earth’s natural energy flows, which are north to south, east to west, during the day, and which reverts to the west to east, south to north at night, either stop or reverse.

So, what does that mean? When the flows are in balance, then we are in balance or a healthy emotional balance is promoted. When the flow stops, it has a direct effect on how we may feel emotionally. When the flows reverse, then we may feel heightened agitation, depression or some other emotional distress, especially for emotionally challenged, or sensitive people.

Second, there is a +charge (bad-noxious energy) in the form of a noxious radiation that begins to be emitted from the ground up to a height of 3-4 meters. This charge is met by a downwards +charge and where they meet can be quite harsh on the human energy fields, meridians and eventually organs, especially your most challenged organs.

Third, when the solar winds are over 500KM/second, new earth magnetic grid lines/earth radiation lines appear which run north-south, east-west at 60 meters apart, roughly 2 meters wide. These grid lines grow wider as they get higher, thus increasing the amount of Geopathic Stress on the body.

That is why some days or weeks we feel better, happier and healthier than other days. The bad or heavy periods could be due to this increased solar and retrograde activity.

This information is not common knowledge. I don't know of any Building Biologists, Naturopaths, Kinesiologists etc. who have any idea of this. Orgone Effects has discovered this ourselves and we have been monitoring solar winds and retrogrades for over 12 months to come up with this knowledge.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves from these events when they occur? Orgone Effects were able to program the Geoclense Home and Workplace Radiation Harmonizer to neutralize the earth charge and new grid lines and to simulate the planetary flows in the healthier direction back in February this year.

No other EMF harmonizer on the market has this ability, and we are very easily able to demonstrate that the Geoclense does have a balancing effect when the sun is unhappy and Mercury is flipping us all out. The charge in the air in a building is returned to its happier and healthier charge?