Reading the Human Bio-field

Reading the Human Bio-field

During my 20 years of intuitive Building Biology consultancy work, I have discovered that apart from developing the necessary skills to read the different types of charged EMF fields in homes and offices, there was also a need for me to be able to read the energy of the people within the buildings on an individual basis.

Initially, when l started to develop these skills, I used an energetic tool called the Biotensor developed by German Scientist and Building Biologist, Josef Oberbach. Its trade mark description is: 'A tool for detecting harmful radiation’ which is exactly what it is capable of doing.

In my consultancy work, l use the Biotensor to show the client where the harmful EMF fields are, instead of using an RF meter. This is because an RF meter cannot detect Geoelectric charge created EMF fields, nor can it detect Biolplasmic or Earth Radiation fields. The Biotensor is also very useful for detecting if a space is actually harmonized. We use it to show how the Geoclense® or Stellar Dome® is able to harmonize harmful EMF radiation fields within a home and workplace.

The human energy field is an energetic bubble that surrounds our bodies. This field can be either of a positive charge and a negative charge at the same time, in so much that one part of the body will produce a positive charged field if there is any emotional or physical distress, and the opposite, a healthy negative charge if there is complete harmony and good health.

Our meridian system feeds Chi energy or a healthy negative charge to our organs. If our meridians experience any emotional or physical distress, or are immersed in one or more EMF fields, then they will naturally become depleted of energy. If the meridian energy is compromised, it will be reflected by a charge emanating from the meridians’ corresponding organ or organs, and this, will in turn be reflected in the human Biofield as a positive charge.

The Biotensor is very capable of showing how the human Bio-field is made up and which parts of the Bio-field are low or high in energy. It will show an increase in the meridian energy when a person is immersed in a harmful EMF field with a harmonizer such as a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome® operating in the building.

Other tools l have used over the last 20 years of my Intuitive Building Biology consultancy work have been the GDV Kirlian camera, developed by Russian Doctor Konstantin Korotkov. We have examples of Kirlian images on our web site testing page that have been independently tested, showing the human Bio-field ‘with’ and ‘without’ the Orgone Pendant and the Geoclense®.


Most people who are aware of Kirlian Photography recognise the pretty aura images around a human figure, however, even though it may represent the actual Bio-field, it also represents the energetics of the Meridian system.

Kirlian Photography develops the data gathered from the gas discharge from each fingertip and then represents the data in varied ways such as numerically, in a bar graph or circular graph.

Being able to intuitively read peoples’ Bio-field has enabled me to better help my customers by providing an understanding of the health of their own Bio-field in direct relationship to the state of their physical and emotional wellbeing, and also how their Bio-field was being compromised by harmful EMF exposure in their home or office. A good reason to enjoy the benefits of the Geoclense® or the Stellar Dome®.


By Gerard Bini,

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.