Orgone Effects

Orgone Effects

What is Orgone Effects?

Orgone Effects is the manufacturer and supplier our unique Orgonium ® range of Electromagnetic Radiation harmonizing products.


Who started Orgone Effects?

Orgone Effects’ founder is Gerard Bini. Gerard is an Intuitive Building Biologist. Orgone Effects™ is the result of Gerard’s dream of developing a wide range of Electromagnetic Radiation harmonizing products.

The performance of our products are enhanced through Gerard’s exceptional intuitive energy reading, knowledge base and dowsing skills.


Why Orgone Effects?

Our founder, Gerard Bini, recognised the damaging effects harmful energy emissions from Electromagnetic Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields. As a result, we wanted to make a difference and help improve people’s overall health and well-being through creating clear living and working spaces.


What is Orgone Effects mission?

Orgone Effects mission is to create a crystal-clear living and workspace that supports your health and emotional well-being, so you can get on with your life in a happier, healthier and more vibrant environment.


Who can benefit from Orgone Effects’ products and services?

Everyone can benefit from Orgone Effects products and services. Your home and workplace will benefit from removal of harmful energy, leading to improved health and well-being. Our personal protection products are beneficial especially when you are on the move.


What products does Orgone Effects offer?

Orgone Effects offers a full range of Electromagnetic Radiation harmonising products including our unique:

What services does Orgone Effects provide?

Orgone Effects offers unique Building Biology Consulting Services. This consulting service is a complete property reading to assess the types of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation fields which could exist in your home or workplace.

These services include ‘on-site’ consultations and ‘remote’ property reading using Google Earth. Our remote property readings are offered free of charge.


Are Orgone Effects products suitable for everyone?

Orgone Effects products are suitable for all building types and all people. Our products assist in neutralizing the effects of harmful energy which is present everywhere in our daily lives.

We know that it is often those that can least afford building and personal harmonizers that need them the most. That’s why we have deliberately priced our products to be affordable for everyone.

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