Mould in Houses – A Hidden EMF Danger

Mould in Houses – A Hidden EMF Danger

It is general knowledge that mould in the air in a house can disrupt the air quality and makes those exposed very sick with symptoms presenting physically and/or emotionally.  There are companies that specialize in mould detection and expert removal, and the introduction of a dehumidifier is a way you can improve the air quality and lessen the health risks associated with breathing in mould.

Is household mould a health hazard?

There is, however, an important aspect concerning mould which very few people are aware of.  The presence of mould in a house creates a harmful “positive charge” EMF field which some people are extremely sensitive to.

In my ‘on-site’ Intuitive Building Biology consultancy work, a problem I frequently find is the presence of mould in roof cavities.  This mould may have been created by a leaking roof over a prolonged period, or by a bathroom exhaust fan which vents directly into the roof cavity which is the most common way for mould to propagate.

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Mould in roof cavities creates a positive charge radiation field that projects downwards and into the living spaces.  The shape of the standard gable roof is like the underside of a pyramid, and so this does exacerbate the intensity of the mould EMF charge from the roof cavity.

Some people are extremely sensitive to this mould radiation charge and, if they are not aware of their existing mould problem, will automatically assume that their physical symptoms and discomfort is being caused by the Wi-Fi in their house, or perhaps earth radiation which is causing Geopathic stress in their body.  Wi-Fi itself cannot cause mould to grow.  95% of houses who use Wi-Fi would have a mould issue if this were the case, however, this is not true.

A good example to illustrate sensitivity to mould radiation came from a client who complained that every time she visited a relative’s house, the Wi-Fi would cause her great physical discomfort and she found it difficult to be there.  This client was every sensitive to EMF and she did have other virus related health issues.  When I conducted a remote house reading to check her relatives address using Google Earth, I discovered that this house already had a Geoclense® plugged in.  The Geoclense® neutralizes the Wi-Fi radiation charge around the router when someone is using the internet so, her physical discomfort was not related to the Wi-Fi at all.  What was confirmed, however, was that mould was present in the roof cavity of this house.

To prove and confirm that it was not the Wi-Fi but the mould in the roof that was causing this woman’s discomfort, she purchased one of our portable Stellar Domes™ to take with her the next time she visited.  A week later, I received an email from this client excitedly telling me how the Stellar Dome™ had neutralized whatever was affecting her, and that she no longer felt any discomfort while in that house. The Stellar Dome™ does not remove the mould, it neutralizes the harmful EMF charge which comes with the presence of mould in a roof cavity.

The Stellar Dome ™ projects a healthy negative charge radiance outwards to the boundaries of a property and harmonizes the mould radiation charge projected downward from the roof cavity.


Vaulted Ceilings – Another Hidden EMF Danger.


Vaulted ceilings which are common in a lot of older English homes, and roof spaces which have been converted into living or sleeping areas; the roof line creates a vaulted ceiling, is another hidden EMF danger to be aware of.


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A vaulted ceiling is like the underside of a pyramid which produces a radiation field within the whole living space.  To me, it feels like the air is thin and people often experience shortness of breath.

Recently at one of my on-site Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy visits, there was a very slight pitch in the ceiling in two rooms in the upstairs living areas.  Although the slight pitch was only in two rooms, all five rooms on that level were being energetically affected by the EMF charge caused by the ceiling shape.  You don’t need the severe pitch of an old English thatched roofed house for the radiation charge to occur.

We have found that the best and only way to harmonize the harmful positive charge caused by vaulted ceilings, is again to employ the Stellar Dome™.  We have had great success with the Stellar Dome™ placed in the rooms with the vaulted ceiling, or in a room below.


By Gerard Bini

Founder & Managing Director

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.