Mars in Retrograde - A Big EMF Issue for the Planet.

Mars in Retrograde - A Big EMF Issue for the Planet.

How does 2020 get any more chaotic?  Mars retrograde, which only happens once every two years, began on 6th September and lasts through 13th November.  At the time of writing, we have been in Mars retrograde for 9 days which has been causing a HUGE Geoelectric effect on the earth’s crust. This Geoelectric effect results in an EMF charge that emanates out of the ground, just like 5G in suburban street light zones do!  

Prior to Mars entering retrograde, we had a huge full moon which was also causing a Geoelectric field on the earth’s crust creating an EMF charge above the ground to around 4 meters high at night time, which is almost 3 times as much EMF as 5G creates! So, if you were experiencing some bad night’s sleep and very weird dreams during the full moon period, then most likely the full moon would have been responsible. 

We know from our research that when Mercury is in retrograde, it causes a Geoelectric field EMF charge above the ground to approximately 4 meters.  However, since Mars has been in retrograde, the Geoelectric field EMF charge is much worse, coming up and out of the ground to a height of around 12-15 meters! Again, sleep patterns are hugely disrupted by the Mars retrograde which can make for a frustrating 2 months.


So, what does all this mean?  

First, this Mars retrograde EMF charge that emanates out of the ground completely “engulfs” entire buildings, that is, if the building wasn’t already full of EMF charge from other sources of radiation. We know that all commercial and industrial buildings are full of EMF charge due to existing human-generated Bioplasmic radiation engulfing an entire building.

Second, buildings that have a naturally occurring healthy negative charge radiance such as churches, mosques, temples etc., become full of EMF charge too due to the Mars retrograde which has a harmful resonance. This harmful resonance causes great EMF stress in the body via meridian energy interference.

Next, when a Geocelectric EMF charge occurs due to a retrograde, an underlying set of harmful earth Magnetic Grid lines emerge, forming a grid 2-metres wide and roughly 70-meters apart.

Its events like this that cause my phone to run hot with people curious to know what is going on, and why they’re experiencing such bad dreams and waking with extreme anxiety.

Finally, our meridians, which require a healthy negative charge, are hugely affected by Mars retrogrades harmful positive charged EMF field. Our meridians feed vital energy to the endocrine glands which is going to wreak havoc on peoples’ hormone and neurotransmitter balance, thus throwing emotionally sensitive people out of balance and making 2020 even more chaotic for some.

It is already bad enough enduring the current “new normal” Covid-19 lock down which is creating anxiety levels which for some people, is through the roof. Add Mars retrograde to the mix, with its Geoelectric field EMF charge coming out of the ground to a height of a staggering 12-15 meters, and you’re unfortunately going to see higher cases of suicide due to the physical toll and excessive emotional turmoil this causes.  


Can we protect our properties from this Geoelectric EMF charge created by Mars retrograde?

Yes, you can with a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome®.  Both the Stellar Dome® and Geoclense®, besides harmonizing the positive charge from electrical appliances, Wi-Fi and digital TV radiation, they also harmonize the Geoelectrcal EMF charge back to a healthy negative charge resonance, which then supports our meridian system. In effect, the Geoelectric EMF charge above the ground disappears when you’re protecting the home with a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome®.

If you’re using Earthing Sheets at home during a Mars retrograde without installing a Geoclense® or Stellar Dome®, you are subjecting your body to an even greater EMF charge than when Mars is not in retrograde.

Another way to protect yourself during Mars retrograde when you’re out and about is to wear one of our new Stellar Pendants™. There is not another EMF pendant that l know of on the market that creates an EMF charge-free space up to 8 metres around the wearer!  

Some punter’s claim that they can, however, when we test these products, they hardly have any EMF harmonising effect at all. Electronic EMF pendants make similar claims and are through the roof in price. When tested, and we have tested many on the market, they are harmful to our meridian system.


By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist

Founder & Managing Director

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.