Kaivalya Meditation Sheet

Kaivalya Meditation Sheet

Kaivalya (Indian Sanskrit: Emancipation through Oneness with God)



Being a company that specialises in Building Biology consultations regarding anything EMF, why would we be introducing a product like the Kaivalya Meditation sheet?

Meditation and mindfulness are all about mental energy management and the energetics of the brain, and they are fast becoming a trend for many people to engage in meditation world-wide. 

In a world turned upside down, we incur an overburden of mental stress which, if left unchecked, can have massive implications on our mental and physical health. Essentially, it is all about energy that is out of balance, which we need to bring back into energetic balance, to keep us sane from day to day.

Meditation is about calming the mind and body, and the Kaivalya Mediation Sheet is a tool to help you get the most out of your introspective meditation experience.


The inspiration for the Kaivalya Meditation Sheet came from a very keen interest in Kriya Yoga, made famous by Paramahamsa Yogananda’s book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. A must read.

Kriya Yoga is about meditative techniques and practise where the energetics of our central nervous system is trained to concentrate our energies to the north, the cranium, with a negative charge to activate the pituitary gland; the seat of the soul.

Traditionally, the Indian Yogis would use a deer skin to insulate them from the ‘downward earth currents’, so that the body energy can easily reside with a blissful negative charge to the brain, as a true mental balancer. However, deer skins are not something you can 'click and collect' these days!

Kaivalya is made from satin polyester which has been energised with Orgone Effects® infusion technology. Ochre orange in respect for the Yogi’s inspiration, and with the vibration of bliss; which is a spiritual energy of our unique energetic infusion.

Like a deer skin, the Kaivalya is designed to harmonize the space around you and negate all downward earth currents to enhance your escape back to mindfulness with meditation.

Kaivalya is big enough to drape over your favourite meditation chair and under your feet, or sit and lie down on. Spread on the floor, it will accommodate you and your mediation buddy together if you wish.

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By Gerard Bini,

Intuitive Building Biologist

Founder & Managing Director

Orgone Effects® Australia Pty. Ltd.