Introducing the new Stellar Pendant™!

Stellar Pendant

Because of our ongoing research, we have discovered that the new yellow Stellar Pendant™ surpassed all expectations of an EMF harmonizing pendant, delivering a much more powerful pendant for personal protection.

Why yellow?  

Yellow has the strongest negative charge frequency on the color spectrum than any other color.  The nuclear industry discovered a long time ago that wearing yellow overalls provided passive radiation protection for their workers.  However, wearing yellow garments isn’t going to protect you from 5G and other types of harmful radiation.  When we combine yellow with our unique Orgonium® frequencies, then something special happens.

Our testing showed that the Stellar Pendant offered protection for up to 8 meters around the wearer!  No longer is there any need for a pendant to be color-matched to the person like our previous range of colored Ionic Personal Protection Pendants.  The yellow Stellar Pendant™ is suitable for everyone.

Is the Stellar Pendantstronger than the colored Ionic Personal Protection Pendants?
Yes, it is more powerful than our colored pendant range in so much as when the correct color to an individual’s energetic weakness is worn, the colored pendants do protect the meridians from EMF. However, with the new Stellar Pendant, having to marry the correct color to the person is no longer needed as the Stellar Pendant is providing full meridian protection.

The method of testing we used for the Stellar Pendant was on a real person standing under an electrical transformer being subjected to 100 milligauss +, and during a Geomagnetic solar event which was causing a Geoelectric field up to 6 meters above the ground; a situation three times worse than a 5G street light EMF environment and possibly the worst-case scenario as far as radiation exposure goes!  We also tested the person’s normal orange pendant which did provide full meridian protection, however, the Stellar Pendant not only provided full meridian protection, it also extended a clear EMF space around the wearer of up to 6-8 meters!

The Stellar Pendant is far more effective than electronic personal EMF harmonizers which tend to be bipolar in their energetics, thus, interfering with the meridian energy of the user rather than enhancing and balancing their meridian energy.  I have seen this as a common problem with quite a few brands of electronic personal harmonizers.  The Stellar Pendant is deliberately priced to be affordable to everyone at under $60, instead of hundreds of dollars for electronic personal harmonizers.

The Stellar Pendant is a stellar example of the Art of Harmonizing EMF fields.


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