Introducing our Pet Pendants

Introducing our Pet Pendants

Over the last 21 years in my Building Biology consultations, l have experienced that many of my clients were not the only ones who were being affected by EMF stress and Geopathic stress; but so too were their pet dogs, cats and horses!

Animals are much more sensitive to charged EMF radiation fields, especially to Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation in the form of death imprints and emotional and illness imprints. Cats especially, ‘see’ energies that 99% of humans cannot see. If you ever see a cat sitting and waving its head around as if it were watching something, then most likely, the cat is seeing and energetically perceiving Bioplasmic energies.


Does your dog or cat avoid a particular room or place in your house or react strangely trying to get away and clawing itself away from a particular room? Their avoidance actually means that these animals are able to perceive a ‘not-so-good energy’ i.e. a harmful radiation field, especially human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation fields. And, they do have a memory of an uncomfortable experience.



Our pets are also affected by humans when we are not in the greatest energetic health, and they can easily be energetically “imprinted” or shedded by this, which is something l have been surveying a lot this year. This may be because of all the fear that people are experiencing with the current upside-down world situation we are currently living in which is affecting the energetics of the pet owners and, in turn, their pets.

A dog or a cat is regarded as a man’s best friend being one who is forever faithful and energetically supportive during times of physical or emotional distress. Pets are emotionally supportive to their masters, however, at the same time they can easily absorb harmful energies from their owners to their own detriment.



Cats, dogs and horses, like humans, have their own nervous systems and Chinese meridians. And, like humans, their meridian energy is depleted by harmful positive charged EMF fields. Especially so if the pet is getting on in age where their own vital organs are becoming increasingly compromised.

Horses have big biofields due to their size and are also very energy sensitive. I had a consult last year on the Mornington Peninsula, where the horses were being greatly affected by Geoelectric current induced Earth Radiation as the property had experienced deaths on the land in the past, which had caused this Geoelectric current through the ground. Because the horses’ shoes are made from metal, the Geoelectric current was being “picked up” by their shoes, thus dramatically interfering with the horses’ meridians and their vital organs. 



So, in addition to supportive EMF Pendants for people, we are now supplying EMF Pendants for our pets. We have known for many years that some pet owners were putting our original harmonizer pendants on their cats and dogs and sometimes horses, especially when their pets were showing signs of physical or emotional stress when relocated to a new or unfamiliar environment. However, it was mostly the harmful EMF stress which was the main cause of the animal’s distress, not just their new location. 

So finally, we proudly introduce the Pet Pendant for all our much-loved animals in our care that all need EMF protection too!

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By Gerard Bini,

Founder and Managing Director,

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.