Introducing Geoclense® Gold

Introducing Geoclense® Gold

The Geoclense® is one of Orgone Effects® most popular products; well respected and revered by accredited health practitioners world-wide. These experts are qualified at determining the effects of EMF on the human meridian system, and can also test whether or not a harmonizer is effective in neutralizing radiation from the human body.

Many of these health practitioners are Kinesiologists, Bioresonace practitioners and Naturopaths who often ask us “Where in Germany was the Geoclense® developed?”.  

There is a belief that only German Building Biologists would have the expertise and know-how to create the Geoclense®!  But it was was developed by the founder of Orgone Effects® and Intuitive Building Biologist, Gerard Bini, back in 2004 right here in Melbourne, Victoria!

So, here’s a little bit of history about how the Geoclense® came to be.

In the early days of his Building Biology consultancy service, Gerard developed a disk harmonizer using his Orgonium® (not Orgonite) formulation and process.

These disks were very successful in harmonizing most earth magnetic grid lines such as the Hartman Grid and Curry net, for example, however, the Orgonium® disks he made at the time were not effective in harmonizing electrical radiation.  And the theory of putting an orgone disk in the meter box didn’t work to harmonize a whole house’s electrical system and appliances.

Gerard needed to come up with a solution to this problem and develop an effective tool to neutralize both earth radiation and electrical radiation.  This was back in the early days before Wi-Fi and digital TV, and the unbearably slow days of dial-up internet. 

Gerard began working on a prototype device which could plug into a power-point, that was made from our very unique Orgonium® technology.  This prototype was designed to take the negative charge resonance from the Orgnium® so that the copper wiring, being a conductor of resonance, would travel throughout the entire electrical system in a building, and then into the earth via the earth wire, so that the positive charge EMF fields, which are created by appliances and all earth radiation, would then be “harmonized” to a balanced negative charge.

The Geoclense® has progressed remarkably over all these years and now, today’s version of the Geoclense® harmonizes over 30 different radiation fields, and even harmonizes the not-so-commonly known Bioplasmic Radiation field imprints caused by humans within domestic housing.

When digital TV arrived on the scene, we were the first to recognise that this type of radiation that the digital TV’s created, was in fact far worse than analogue TV’s, and so we quickly modified the programming in the Geoclense® to harmonize that particular type of radiation too.

The very early Geoclense® was made in a bulky, ugly black plug pack which took up 1.5 power- point spaces; not very attractive nor functional in  a double power-point! 

In 2006, we developed the tool to produce a very sleek looking Orgonium® block model which remains as  our current Geoclense®.


Since the start of the Geoclense® production in 2008, and after they were first released on our website, there have been some futile attempts to “copy” the Geoclense®, however, NONE of these copies have the EMF harmonizing capabilities of the Geoclense®.  This is because there is NO other harmonizer manufacturer which possesses the advanced Building Biology knowledge base that we do.  We know this as a fact, because we purchase the copies and test them ourselves, along with some of our health practitioners who know how to test a harmonizer to see if it does neutralize all the radiation fields and that copy does do what it claims.

So, if you don’t have a genuine Geoclense® , you’re not getting true EMF harmonization across 30 different types of radiation fields from Digital TV’s, electrical, RF, Earth Radiation in the form of Geoelectric fields, and also human-generated Bioplasmic radiation!

The colour of the Geoclense® Orgonium® block has been traditionally made fluoro green since 2006, that is, up until now.  No-one ever really commented on the green colour, however, we were aware that some people who had a keen eye for home décor, would appreciate a more subtle coloured Geoclense® to blend into their decorative environment without being too noticeable.  With this in mind, we decided to offer a new option and we are delighted to introduce the new white coloured Geoclense® called Geoclense® Gold.  The Geoclense® Gold is a new addition to our “gold” themed products range which all started with the Stellar Dome®  Gold, then followed by the Stellar Pendant launched in 2020.


We have even “toned down” the Geoclense® label design to a more softer and subtle colour, so it easily blends into the home environment and won’t “stick out like a sore thumb!”  And so now the colour co-ordinated home stylist who wants every detail of their home’s décor picture perfect can buy the new non-intrusive white coloured Geoclense® Gold.


The Geoclense ®Gold produces a healthy negative charge resonance, which is as close to nature as possible.  This is vitally important because the correct negative charge frequencies are required to successfully neutralize and balance the positive charge resonance; the harmful component of any electromagnetic field, thus neutralizing any electromagnetic stress on the human meridian system.  A BIG reason why certified health practitioners world-wide revere and recommend the Orgone Effects® Geoclense®.


“The energy change in the environment when the Geoclense technology is applied is nothing short of amazing.”

Paula H. Borderlon,

DNM, CTN, CNC, Doctor of Natural Medicine, U.S.A.


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