Inspired by St Germain: Introducing our new Violet Flame Collection

Inspired by St Germain: Introducing our new Violet Flame Collection

Our Violet Flame range of products started with the initial release of the Violet Flame Stellar Dome® in November last year. The Violet Flame Stellar Dome® was inspired by my wife, Leanne Bini, after her fascination for St Germain came from reading the teachings and channellings of St Germain by the author Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Her series of books about St Germain are very popular with people world-wide. I know this from the many discussions I have had with our customers who are very aware of the power of using the St Germain Decrees to invoke the energy of the Violet Flame which is used for physical and spiritual healing. It has been said that people who meditate on the Violet Flame, invoke a Violet Flame in their Biofield, or Aura.

The Violet Flame product range has now extended to include the release of our new Stellar Pendant Violet Flame®, Geoclense Violet Flame® and the beautiful Violet Flame coloured Harmonywear bracelet.

Violet Flame collection

A new form of dangerous radiation I have found is occurring on the planet!

With the release of the Violet Flame Stellar Dome® came an “upgrade” in all our products’ frequency which has enabled them to not only harmonize spaces against all forms of EMF and Earth Radiation, but to now also neutralize a new form of radiation I have recently found that is occurring on the planet.

This new form of radiation on the planet has interestingly only developed within the last 12 months, and it is caused by energetic “infections” in the human Biofield to much of the world’s population now. This energetic infection causes deterioration of the human Biofield and, in turn, then impacts a buildings energetics by developing “imprints” and a Geoelectric Current within a building.


Violet Flame collection


With the new frequency addition to our products using Orgone Effects® unique methods of energetic infusion, they now have the ability to prevent infected people from energetically imprinting a building and also infecting other occupants within the building. This phenomenon is known as “shedding” which occurs from an infected persons biofield infecting or shedding another human’s biofield. Our new frequency addition to prevent this new form of imprinting is unique to Orgone Effects® products.

After the release of the Violet Flame Stellar Dome®, it instantly became our most popular Stellar Dome® ever! Customers say that they are mesmerised by the Stellar Dome Violet Flame’s colour and its refection off the bottom of the Dome. In a way, it is a type of emotional and spiritual colour therapy for people.


Violet Flame collection


I know from my own Bioresonance experience where colour therapy is used, that the violet colour is most beneficial for the brain and nervous system, and it is also a good support colour for the spleen. The spleen cleans our blood and produces antibodies and leucocytes.

Our extra sensitive customers who were quite affected by this new form of radiation coming from infected people, reported that they felt instant relief from the Violet Flame Stellar Dome®, especially when they carried the Dome in their handbag when visiting shopping centres, and also within their own homes and workplaces.

Now, our new range of Violet Flame products is available for everyone’s benefit and for everyone to enjoy.

By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist

Founder & Managing Director

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.