How Do you test an EMF Harmonizer like the Geoclense?

How Do you test an EMF Harmonizer like the Geoclense?

Radiation Harmonizers neutralize the positive charge, which is the harmful component of any noxious EMF field. This includes Earth Radiation fields and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation fields caused by human physical or emotional distress.

The Geoclense® is a radiation harmonizer which neutralizes the charged field from EMF by dominating the copper wiring with a negative charge frequency that neutralizes the positive charge frequency - the harmful component of any noxious EMF.  The field is then in sympathy with the human energy field thus preventing meridian and organ stress and hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. The resin block, which produces the negative charge frequency, is a man-made crystal that has undergone an energising and programming process that is unique to Orgone Effects®.

So, how do you test such a device?

Most people, when they think of measuring the effects of anything to do with EMF, reach straight for the Gauss meter or RF meter. However, you cannot get a change in the reading using an EMF meter when assessing the effects of any type of EMF harmonizer, including the Geoclense®. EMF meters read the wave strength, however, they do not accurately indicate the actual charged field. EMF meters are used to test the reduction in wave strength which is what EMF shielding does show.

This instantly leads one to think that the Harmonizer is not actually doing anything, however, this is not the case as Harmonizers cannot be tested with an EMF meter.  The EMF harmonizing effect can be easily demonstrated in other ways with modalities such as a Kinesiology audit of the effect on meridian strength, across a range of meridians, not just a strength test. The procedure would go something like this:

First, a person would be placed within a charged field, for example, an EMF field from a smart meter, and an audit of meridians is performed to see which meridians and organs are affected by the EMF. Then, the Geoclense® is plugged into a power point which neutralizes the +charged EMF from the smart meter. The same meridian audit is then carried out which would now show that the original meridians and organs, which went into stress without the Geoclense®, did not go into stress. A Bioresonance machine such as a Bicom or Mora can also be used in a similar way. 

There are other scientific tools used for assessing the effectiveness of a harmonizer such as the Biotensor developed by German Dr. Joseph Oberbach. The Biotensor trademark class description is “Medical Instrument Products” and its trademark description is “A Medical apparatus and instrument being for the detection of harmful radiation”. His company Bioplasma GmbH, describes the Biotensor as a polarized test device that can display energetic states of electrical, magnetic and atomic structures in nature. The Biotensor is one of my own favourite EMF testing tools which I use in my Building Biology Consultancy work.

Another scientific instrument used for assessing the effectiveness of a harmonizer is the Lecher Antenna, developed by Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher. 

An independent Lecher Antenna test in a building AFTER a Geoclense® installation: –

By inserting the Geoclense® and measuring with the Lecher Antenna, I can confirm that it is possible to reach the following frequencies: –

The Five Harmonies:
Rating and measuring higher life energy (In houses):
2,5 Hz : Cellular (Can find it everywhere)
8 Hz : Earth or Telluric Energy (Can find it only in 20% of the houses)
12 Hz : Cosmic or Heaven Energy (Can find it only in 10% of the houses)
15,3 Hz : Electromagnetic Synergy (Can find it only in churches)
17,6 Hz : Global Synergy (Can find it only in churches or cathedrals)

** With the Geoclense®:  2,5 – 8 – 12 – 15,3 – 17.6Hz =
100% …which equates to healthy, positive energy free of EMF, RF and Geopathic stress interference.

It is a known fact that when any of the above modalities or instruments are used to test the effectiveness of EMF shielding materials and scalar products for radiation protection, they both fail these tests!

After the above mentioned explanation of how to “effectively” test a harmonizer, you will understand why pseudo skeptics who produce fraudulent reviews of EMF harmonizers and turn to made-up “pseudo scientific tests”, such as putting the harmonizer next to a compass, or use a Photon meter or an RF meter, is NOT how a harmonizer is tested. 

Such fraudulent work is done deliberately to mislead the public. It is a shame that the Government authority in charge of prosecuting companies which mislead the public is not following through in their job to protect Australian consumers.