How do you know if your house is haunted?

How do you know if your house is haunted?

October is Halloween month, so l decided it was a good time to talk about the BIG radiation dangers associated with the occurrence of a death on a property.

If you are currently living in an old city i.e. London for example, then it’s quite likely that you may be living in a very old house.  London is home to many historic houses dating back to the 12th, 15th and 17th centuries and all of these houses are steeped in human history behind their timeworn walls!  The Tower of London, built in 1299, is good example of a building which has a grim reputation as a dwelling of torture and death with its chequered past.

If there has been a death or deaths on a property of a particular violent nature, then the chances of a haunting occurring in this house with its associated apparitions of ghosts and strange noises etc., are extremely high.

A great example of this haunted house syndrome is the ‘Amityville Horror’ story which was based on a family’s factual experience after they purchased a house in Amityville NY, USA in 1974, where there had been a gruesome murder of six family members who were all shot dead on the one night.

As a child, I remember it well, because the Amityville horror story was made into a series of books and a documentary which was shown in Australia around 1976.  This documentary scared the pants off me and stuck in my mind as both exciting and very spooky for a 12-year-old boy!

We often hear about the strange noises heard by people in their homes at night such as scraping noises, voices and footsteps down the hallway which tend to often occur between 1am and 4am in the morning.  However, in one house that l lived in when l was in my early 20’s, the occurrence of noises and footsteps often occurred at 11:30pm at night.  Another phenomenon I experienced in that particular house was that the wood heater switches and the ceiling fan switches would suddenly and mysteriously turn themselves on at 1:30am.
Amityville Horror
We know for a fact that many people die in hospitals every day around the world. So, does this mean all hospitals are haunted?  Just ask any “graveyard shift” (a synonym for the midnight shift) hospital worker, and they will tell you some very interesting stories about things they’ve personally experienced during the night hours!

What are ghosts exactly?  

Ghosts are not the dead person’s “Spirit” as such, as some may claim.  It’s important to realise that ghosts are only an "energy imprint of emotional charge" left by the person who died on the property that holds the energy of their emotional state at the time of death, whether that be depression, anger, anxiety, fear etc.  And, interestingly, these emotional imprints NEVER disappear or fade over time, and will completely engulf a house with its harmful positive charge.

So, what are the dangers for humans living in a Haunted House?

First, let’s start with the radiation problem that exists.  

A death on a property creates an ‘emotional pain body charge’ that comes directly from the person or people who have died, which generates a Bioplasmic Radiation “imprint” at the exact location and time of the death.  This imprint, which is an EMF field, has A VERY STRONG positive charge, much stronger than you would expect from a smart meter.  

Buildings which are full of this positive charge place enormous EMF stress on the human meridian system.  

This positive charge, then in turn, generates a Geoelectric field effect in the ground which emanates up and out of the ground and completely engulfs a building with its strong EMF charge that you cannot escape, no matter which room or level of the building you are in.  

In addition, the Geoelecteric EMF field activates Geoelectric Grid Lines in the ground which are 2 meters wide and roughly 70 meters apart.  These Grid Lines are even more harmful to humans than the general Geoelectric EMF field itself!

Then there is the problem of sleep paralysis attacks caused by a death imprint.  Sleep Paralysis attack is when you experience at night while you’re dreaming, a nightmare which is so frightening that it wakes you up.  As you awake, you have the sensation of being “pinned down” to the bed or have a feeling of being “totally paralysed” and unable to move your limbs or even speak.


Some people are more susceptible to sleep paralysis attacks than others, and not everyone recovers from a sleep paralysis attack.  Elderly people who live in Aged Care facilities can die in their sleep from these forms of attacks due to the accumulation of death imprints that exist there.  

Infants can also die with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) from death imprints which occurs from sleep paralysis attack in their home.  I, myself, have experienced many sleep paralysis attacks in my own life that was until, thankfully, l developed the Geoclense®.

The harmful positive charge from death imprints can be quite menacing and disturbing to peoples’ emotional states and their general equilibrium.  This is because the Bioplasmic Radiation charge has a direct effect on our meridian system, hormones and neurotransmitters.

Bioplasmic Radiation caused by death imprints can also be the major cause for houses not selling despite what owners do to make the property appealing to a prospective buyer.  It is strong enough to be felt, mostly by the woman, to make her think twice about buying the house claiming “it just didn’t feel right.” 

Not Haunted House Sign
We also need to consider the emotional trauma experienced by children who naturally see apparitions or ghosts within the house or their bedrooms.  I get many calls from very concerned parents who tell me that their children climb into bed with them in the middle of the night frightened and scared claiming that they are seeing “things” in their bedroom.  Luckily, many parents do believe what their children are seeing, but many parents wouldn’t too.  The emotional trauma experienced by these children who claim to see ghosts can be quite detrimental to a child’s emotional well-being over many years.  

How do you clear the energy of a house which is Haunted so it never returns?

As an intuitive Building Biologist doing many intuitive house readings for people around the world every day, it became quite apparent to me a long time ago that haunted houses exist everywhere.  About 85% of houses I read, have a death imprint present.

When I do an in-house consultancy, you would be surprised to know that most people are not interested to learn from me how dangerous their Wi-Fi or Smart Meters are in their house. No, their major concern is to do with the fact that they have a death imprint on their property which is causing great discomfort, sickness or terror to everyone in the household, particularly the children.

To remove deaths on a property, some people resort to smudging which is popular.  Although it does help to balance the energy within a house, when the sage disappears, that harmful and heavy positive EMF charge immediately returns!  

The Geoclense® was developed as an all-round EMF harmonizer, however, its most important function is to remove the Bioplasmic imprints within homes with specific frequencies.  It is the counter-frequency to the appropriate positive charge Bioplasmic Radiation field that neutralises the energy, not scents, bells or chanting which do not work to remove the positive charge.  The Stellar Dome® also has this energy balancing ability built into it.

The Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® are the ONLY EMF harmonizing products available in the world that can completely remove the harmful Bioplasmic Radiation fields from a property.

I hear people talk about scalar devices and Shungite which apparently make the same claims.  However, I know for a fact that when we have tested these types of EMF products, the Bioplasmic Radiation fields and its harmful positive charge, does not get removed at all.

By Gerard Bini
Intuitive Building Biologist
Managing Director
Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.