An Explanation on Commercial Building Radiation

An Explanation on Commercial Building Radiation

Now that the lockdowns are almost complete here in Australia, we (especially us Melbournians), after 100 days of not being able to leave the home outside of the four permitted reasons, are hugely relieved at this newfound freedom.

As we begin to venture out once again to commercial premises, we will talk about Commercial Building radiation. We have touched on this briefly in past blogs and webinars, so now is the time to tackle this interesting subject.

Shopping centre

The buildings with the biggest radiation dangers are our workplaces of industry, hospitality and commerce. Buildings which have anything to do with health, such as hospitals, clinics and practise also are affected by the same radiation dangers.

It is not to say that a lot of residential properties have exactly the same energetics, however it is more concerning with commercial buildings.

Why? There are a number of factors to why commercial buildings have such big radiation issues.

What sort of radiation is it?

It may be subjective to the type of building. For example, hospitals are renowned for Bioplasmic radiation from deaths. A lot of office spaces these days still employ the use of fluorescent lighting. The rule of thumb with fluorescent lighting is that where they shed light, they also shed radiation. So, in the case of fluorescent lighting, the entire space is filled with positive charge. Lots of employees and, in some cases close quarters creates another problem, being that not everyone gets along swimmingly. That causes conflict between workers and management which if left unchecked, creates an emotional pain body charge from negative energy then causing Bioplasmic radiation.

When it comes to shopping centres, the same energies are occurring. Where there are competitors working close together as with shopping complexes, there is also what you would call psychic attack, which is another aspect of emotional pain body induced Bioplasmic radiation. Bioplasmic radiation when it occurs, fills a whole building with positive charge.
And that Bioplasmic radiation, in turn, causes a Geoelectric field in the ground, creating radiation which emanates up out of the ground, just like 5G in street light zones do.

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It often shocks people when they hear that their workplace is as harmful as 5G in street lights EMF protection in the workplace or when you are visiting a commercial premise can be easily achieved.

Our products include Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) protection items that are easy to take with you while commuting, traveling on plane, car, bus, bike or train, and also 5G protection items that you can wear. You can protect yourself with our practitioner endorsed products such as the Stellar Dome® which kept in bags has become very popular, especially to those who are especially sensitive to EMF energy. The Stellar Pendant™ is also very good in neutralizing Commercial Building radiation.

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