A message from our Founder: Gerard Bini

A message from our Founder: Gerard Bini

Well, what a big and interesting year 2020 was for us all! Covid had a huge impact; especially for people in “Sicktoria” (Victoria) with severe lockdowns, mandatory face masks, and even toilet paper shortages. Armchair experts made unsubstantiated statements saying that Covid was caused by 5G in Wuhan.

If it were true that 5G caused Covid, then why have the numbers of Covid victims dropped to zero in Australia, especially while 4G and 5G mobile phone towers are currently operating and still being rolled out? There are more 5G phone users now than there were 12 months ago, including myself. 



What big EMF issues did we experience throughout 2020?

It was also an interesting year for some bigger picture EMF issues; such as earth being impacted by several solar flares which caused a huge Geoelectric charge through the earth’s crust and thus rendering the whole planet as one BIG EMF ball! The solar winds we experienced topped at nearly 700km/second on many occasions throughout the year causing charged fields of up to 4 meters above the ground!

We also had three Mercury Retrogrades this year from February to early March, mid-June to mid-July, and from mid-October to 3rd November. Mercury Retrogrades and other planetary retrogrades create Geolelectric fields which cause radiation to emanate up to 5 meters above the ground across the globe!

It isn’t 5G phone towers that are the real 5G problem as most people think. The bigger EMF issue is in the actual 5G street light zones themselves that cause a 1.5 meter positive charge above the ground which engulfs an entire suburb.

But the biggest EMF issue we experienced in 2020 was the Mars Retrograde which lasted from 6th September to 13th of November. And boy, was it a big and nasty retrograde. The Geoelectric EMF field rose above the ground to close to 15 meters high! Something l haven’t ever seen before, and it was very sickening for humans to endure due to the enormous amount of positive charge it created in the air.

We recieved many endorsements attesting to the Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® providing EMF protection from such a big energetic onslaught. I bet there were some very nervous Electrical Engineers around the world! 

On a positive note, Orgone Effects® proudly celebrated its 20th year Anniversary of manufacturing EMF harmonizers. We celebrated with the release of the “limited edition” Stellar Dome Gold®. They sold out very quickly and are absolutely loved by so many people who were lucky enough to have purchased one. We have decided to continue the popular Gold Stellar Dome®, however, to protect the 1000 people who did purchase the “limited edition” model, we have discontinued the unique limited edition labelling and replaced it with our traditional Stellar Dome® label. 

So, it was an interesting year energetically in many ways. The 21st of December is touted as the end of an 800 year cycle of the Age of Capricorn, which was about structure, confinement and authoritarianism; sounds familiar doesn’t it!

In December, 2020 we are in for the beginning of a new age as we enter the Age of Aquarius on the 21st of December, which is supposed to be an age of individuals coming into their own power, of undoing the structure and authoritarian oppression into more optimistic times ahead. Someone told me that there will be no EMF on the planet after the 21st December, however l don’t think this will be so. A dawning of a new age doesn’t necessarily mean that the planet is going to be suddenly engulfed in a fluffy negative charge indefinitely. However, if things go as per what the Astrologers say, next year and beyond sounds very promising indeed.

Have a wonderful and safe 2021,

Gerard Bini

Founder of Orgone Effects Australia