5G Radiation Dangers and Testing of the Geoclense

5G Radiation Dangers and Testing of the Geoclense

5G Radiation Dangers and Testing of the Geoclense

If l had a dollar for the number of people over the last 6 months who’ve asked me: “Will the Geoclense provide EMF protection against 5G?” I used to hear: “I turn my Wi-Fi off at night time, but will the Geoclense protect me against Wi-Fi?’ The answer to both these questions is a resounding “YES”, 100%. Even our very first model of the Geoclense back in 2004 will protect against Wi-Fi and 5G.

To prove the effectiveness of the Geoclense against 5G, we flew to Dickson in Canberra, A.C.T. on Friday, 15th February. The decision to go to Dickson was not made simply by believing what l had read on the Net that 5G was now operating there in 2 suburbs. l needed to personally qualify and confirm this beforehand, that 5G was definitely operating there, by first intuitively “reading” the site in Dickson where we would be filming with Google Earth. I have learnt to be able to recognise what 5G “feels” like when l read Google Earth.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

What people don’t know about 4G towers and high-voltage powerline towers is that the charge through the air horizontally, is less than the charge which rises vertically, coming out of the ground. In Dickson, where 5G is operating, I measured a vertical charge that rose approximately 115cm above the ground, and it was EVERYWHERE. One of the major concerns with 5G is that you cannot escape this vertical charge due to the antennas being in close proximity, whereas with 4G, you can escape the charge by staying more than 100 meters away from a tower or a building with mobile phone panels attached.

We travelled to Dickson with a certified Kinesiologist, Reece Pozingis, to video his muscle testing; a Kinesiology audit of the effect on meridian strength, while l performed the Biotensor testing; trademarked as “A Medical apparatus and instrument being for the detection of harmful radiation”, of the effectiveness of the Geoclense, our Space Clearing Dome and Pendants in a 5G operating environment.

Our human ‘Guinea Pig’ used for the testing against the 5G radiation field was my partner Leanne. EMF testing should always be done on a biological level with a real human being to judge the meridian and organ balancing effect of a harmonizer. Gadgets like radio frequency meters cannot perform biological testing and cannot determine the electromagnetic stress on the human body. After all, it’s all about how the radiation is affecting our physical health and emotional well-being. We’re giving a perspective here that no-one else could give.

We chose the Brindabella Natural Health Centre in Dickson to perform the testing of the Geoclense in this new 5G EMF environment, as we needed somewhere to plug-in the Geoclense to conduct the “before” and “after” testing. Also, Natural healing Centres have Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, Bioresonance and Chiropractic practitioners who tend to be more EMF aware and can assess a person for EMF stress.

What we observed when we first arrived in Dickson was that the LED street lamps, which were all 5G enabled, were very close in proximity. You can tell these LED street lamps because they all have small blue antennas on top. We deliberately decided not to have any physical EMF protection on us in the form of our Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendants and Ener-Bands when we arrived in Dickson and, immediately, all three of us very quickly started to feel EMF fatigue as the 5G EMF charge was so strong. I also noticed that the energy was very “heavy” and the EMS (Electromagnetic Stress) placed on meridians and organs was quite intense.

Geoclense 5G testing:

When Reece first tested Leanne “before” the application of the Geoclense in the Brindabella Building, it was confirmed that her heart, stomach, liver, bladder, kidney and central meridians were all out of balance, due to the 5G charge. My Biotensor testing of Leanne’s meridians confirmed the same result. It was interesting to note that the Biotensor reaction to 5G without a Geoclense plugged in was very intense, more so than l have ever experienced before.

“After” plugging in the Geoclense into the building, it was an enormous relief to be EMS free! Reece confirmed this on Leanne with his Kinesiology testing and l could confirm this as well with the Biotensor testing, that her meridians were now no longer out of balance.

The energy within the building was also very interesting because the 5G charge was “amplified” throughout the whole building due to the natural resonant cavity effect that all buildings create. This is something that Wi-Fi does NOT do. The intensity of that “amplified charge” is going to throw out very sensitive people completely. If you have any illnesses and expect to recover in a 5G environment, then forget about a quick recovery.

The 5G charge had also knocked out the natural radiant Earth Ley Line Grids, such as the 180meter Grid and the 25Km Grid. These two earth grids provide a harmonious radiant negative charge which is conducive to good physical health and emotional well-being.

Not only did the 5G interfere with the earth grids, but it also activated the 60-meter Earth Grid, which is normally only active when we have high solar winds of over 550 KM/second! The 60 Meter Grid is not conducive to good physical health and emotional well-being and is another cause of Geopathic Stress in the body.
Gerard Bini 5G Testing in Canberra

 Our testing in Canberra also involved an outdoor test away from any buildings, standing directly next to a 5G LED street light “with” and “without” wearing our Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendants and Ener-bands, and with the Dome, which all passed the 5G Kinesiology and Biotensor testing with flying colours when they were applied.

Local Council and 5G LED street lights

The day after we arrived home from Canberra, I was looking at and intuitively reading a church in Dickson on Google Earth street view. The energy of the church should have been radiant, as most churches are, however, the whole structure was oozing 5G EMF charge. Brindabella Natural Healing Centre where we did the Geoclense testing, now has a Geoclense plugged-in protecting the whole building. It’s probably one of the few safe spaces in Dickson!

l was tipped off by our local Chiropractor that Mt. Martha and surrounding suburbs on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, all had their street lights upgraded to the same LED’s we saw in Canberra with the blue antenna on them and are now “5G ready” to go. We immediately drove to these areas and, by reading the energy there, we do know that 5G had not been activated in these suburbs, yet.

As it turns out, a lot of Councils around the world are doing the same thing under the guise of “Oh, the street lights are environmentally friendlier!” And, in micro-fine print are saying, “also 5G ready with the antenna already installed.” I always wondered how, for example, the USA would be able to roll out two million 5G small cells by the end of 2020. It’s now quite simple; Councils have been rolling it out with the new LED street lights for a few years already, just like the Mornington Shire, right under our noses.

Yes, 5G is a big health risk to the public and is probably worse than anyone could imagine. From our recent personal experience and testing of a 5G EMF environment in Dickson, Canberra, it appears that 5G is an electromagnetic health hazard without a Geoclense operating in your home and workplace. Our testing proved that a Geoclense in a building neutralized the 5G charge 100%, and wearing a Personal Pendant or Ener-Band, or having a Dome in your pocket or handbag when you’re out and about, will protect the body and prevent meridian and organ stress from 5G radiation.



So, what’s next?…..

I am curious about the 5G Broadband modems which will be installed in our houses in the future. By reading the energy of images of 5G Broadband modems, there may be a bigger than normal Wi-Fi radiation issue, because it is “Wi-Fi on steroids!”

And l want to do more research into the resonant cavity effect throughout buildings caused by 5G. I know for a fact that if you have a 4G antenna on your rooftop, that the radiation is amplified throughout the whole building. However, 4G antennas are much further apart than 5G antennas.

And, then there is the night time phenomenon of when the street lights are on. The EMF charge will be amplified by 5G LED lights, which are also going to be on steroids as far as EMF radiation goes. More to come…..