20 years of milestone findings from Orgone Effects® Australia

20 years of milestone findings from Orgone Effects® Australia


Orgone Effects® has made many interesting discoveries over the last 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology that have subsequently shaped the manufacturing of our unique EMF harmonizers. Some of these are myth busting, others are based around how some forms of earth radiation appear, and others are related to mitigating systems that are being marketed as beneficial.

Some biologists are convinced that Curry network and Hartman gridlines cause enough Geopathic stress in the body to cause cancer.  Hartman and Curry grids are very skinny Earth Radiation lines that are approximately 300mm in width which emanate out of the ground, however our research indicates these are not enough to cause any Geopathic Stress in the body.  It is the 400 meter Grid and Earth Fissures/Water Veins which are 2000mm to 5000mm wide which can cause harmful Geopathic Stress in the body.


Information available as to how Water Veins operate has been limited and superficial to date.  However, when you get to the bottom of it, they are a component of a grid called the Fissure Grid.  The Fissure Grid is an earth grid of fissures, that run north-south at around 70 meter intervals, and have water in the bottom of them, making them Water Veins as well.  The Fissure Grid is around 5000mm wide.  


There has been negligible recognition of ‘Geoelectric charge through the ground’ and its eventual radiation charge which emanates out of the ground up to 1500mm (like 5G in street light antennas), or, as witnessed last September at the beginning of the Mars Retrograde, as far as 15 meters out of the ground.  

Orgone Effects® has also researched the impacts of negative mindsets, as well as systemic health issues resulting in human-emanated EMF radiation fields!  This is called a Bioplasmic field.  Get enough angry, upset, stressed or individuals who are unwell in a gathering and a very harmful ‘Geoelectric charge through the ground’ is the result.  Probably why very energy sensitive people don’t like crowds and shopping centres!


In the field of Bioresonance Therapy, individuals who test as being affected by Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic stress, can often pick up that that their own Bio-field is the cause of the stress in the body, and not an outside cause.


We also were early to discover that using once popular earthing sheets and mats was in fact very harmful to the human biofield, and, after prolonged use, could cause disease in the body.


5G is another interesting subject where there has been a multitude of discussions pertaining to the dangerous impacts resulting from 5G. We researched that there are 2 types of 5G systems.  


One uses microcell antennas in street lights which causes a Geoelectric charge through the ground creating EMF that emanates up to 1500mm out of the ground.  It also creates Geoelectric grids which are 2 meters wide and 70 meters apart, which fills or engulfs entire buildings with a very harmful EMF charge. Our research found the dangerous element was in fact ground up, not from the sky down.


5G in 4G towers has a very small Geoelectric field up to 80 metres from the tower, however, the Millimetre wave which the ‘experts’ said was going to kill you, is actually HARMLESS unless you are within 80 metres of the tower.

Our Geoclense® is the best product on the market to address these aforementioned issues.

Mould in roof cavities being an EMF danger has also not been widely recognised.  Orgone Effects® discovered that when a home has mould in the roof cavity, the mould, which has a harmful positive charge, produces an EMF field which projects down into the living spaces.  Our Stellar Dome® is the only product which harmonizes the mould EMF.

Vaulted ceilings are another EMF danger especially if the roof cavity has been turned into a living space like a bedroom.  This is another big EMF danger not recognised probably because EMF reading equipment cannot measure its presence, however, an intuitive with a Biotensor will.  Again, the Stellar Dome® to the rescue.


Digital TV (DTV) radiation.  A DTV creates a charged field the size and shape of the screen in front of it up to 100 meters!  When the DTV is turned off, that charged field is still present!

Move the DTV to a different location and the original EMF beam, which is an imprint, still exists!  This is a discovery Orgone Effects® made many years ago.  When surveys on people within DTV beams are performed, we discovered their Chinese Meridians come under immense EMF stress.  An RF meter will not measure the DTV beams, however our kinesiology-based Biotensor testing does. A Geoclense® will remove the beams.  


Bioplasmic Radiation, which is human-generated, leaves imprints strong enough to cause Geoelectric currents.  However, if you are in a very old house, then probably most of the power points are creating large 1500mm diameter EMF fields which a Trifield or RF meter cannot measure.  The Geoclense® removes all these imprinted fields.  It is very interesting to know that most non-intuitive Building Biologists will refute the existence of these fields because, (1) their initial training was flawed, and (2), if the EMF meter doesn’t show it then it just doesn’t exist!


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By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist

Managing Director

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.