Our Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blankets

Our Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blankets
Orgone Blankets, or energized blankets, have been around for quite a long time. Their original use was as a healing or energy rejuvenation tool for the body. The first Orgone Blankets were made from foil and wool lamination; a combination of organic and inorganic materials which produce a negative charge. 
Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash 

Firstly, the blankets did not produce a clean negative charge, they created a positive charge, or should we say, a harmful EMF field around them and so therefore, the frequency of the blankets were somewhat distorted. This meant that after a short period of someone being in contact with the blankets, they would begin to cause energetic interference with one or more Chinese Meridians in their body, thus rendering the blankets as potentially harmful.

Secondly, the other problem with these blankets is how stiff they are, causing them to take up a lot of room when folded for storage. 

I was fully aware of these existing problems with the blankets and I was able to experience this first hand after being gifted with one 23 years ago, and then subsequently testing the Russian blankets being sold in Australia. What I found is that they ALL had a problem with the discordant frequencies that they produced.

Back in 2008, Orgone Effects® started to produce an energized blanket or Orgone Blanket, however, we went about the manufacturing process differently to the traditional laminated Orgone Blankets on the market.

Being fully aware of the energetic issues which the laminated blankets had, we started with a basic blanket made of polar fleece which went under our unique Orgone Effects® Australia infusion process. The infusion process allowed us to produce an energized blanket which DIDN’T have any nasty discordant frequencies, didn’t take up a whole cupboard to store, and didn’t produce a positively charged EMF field that was too dangerous to be near.

Instead, our blankets produced a vibrant negative charge which fully supported the Chinese Meridian system that our peripheral nervous system also delighted in being surrounded in. Our Orgone blankets are now made from a soft bamboo fleece which feels delightful to have wrapped around you.

Photo by Oktomi Jaya on Unsplash

We personally use our blankets when we feel our energy levels dropping, especially after long days at expos talking continuously to people about EMF issues they may have. We also have our blanket permanently placed on our sofa that we enjoy wrapping around us at the end of a busy day. 

Our Orgone blankets are also more effective than the Amethyst healing mats which are heated with an electrical circuit. They, too, are harmful to the Chinese Meridians as the heating component causes the Amethyst crystals to produce a harmful positive charge.  

I was once told by a retailer of the Amethyst mats that the heating component produced no EMF because his EMF reader wasn’t able to pick up a reading. However, we know that EMF readers have big shortcomings and cannot properly read a harmful charged field, which is what the Amethyst mats produce.

So, if you’re looking to purchase something which supports your well-being, consider our Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blanket as a Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, at a fraction of the cost of so-called competitor products.

Gerard Bini

Managing Director 

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.