Beyond EMF

Beyond EMF


Most people’s perception these days is that the only types of “harmful” radiation, or Ionizing radiation, comes from Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi modems, Smart Meters, Mobile Phone Towers, Microwave ovens, and not much more. General awareness is limited to believing that no other radiation types exist that would be deemed more harmful or dangerous than these.

Well, the truth is, there are many more types of harmful radiation than the obviously “well-known” radiation fields stated above, that are in fact the REAL radiation dangers that people need to be aware of.

For people to consider that Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation are the most dangerous forms of ionizing Radiation on the planet, would be unfathomable! 

Earth Radiation is not at the forefront of people’s minds.  If anything, it is generally perceived as some background and harmless, non-Ionizing radiation.  

Most Building Biologists who rely solely on using EMF meters when they are assessing a house to locate EMF dangers, neglect to look at the all-important Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation that exists within the house.  This is because their EMF meters are NOT capable of reading anything but Smart Meters, Wi-Fi modems, Towers etc.  They cannot read the REAL radiation dangers which are present permanently in a house.

What is ‘Beyond EMF’?

As an intuitive building Biologist, l specialise in reading not just the mundane technological forms of radiation, but also the not well recognised forms of radiation, sometimes referred to as ‘Beyond EMF’, i.e. beyond the typically known radiation fields.

Our range of radiation harmonizers are the ONLY harmonizers that exist that importantly neutralize beyond EMF!

It is vital that people become aware of these beyond EMF radiation forms that exist, as they may be impacting their health and also their emotional wellbeing.

  • Earth Fissures/Water Veins - Are walls of Ionizing Radiation, in the form of a wall of Earth Radiation 4 meters wide that generally runs in grids 80 meters apart. Earth Fissures/Water Veins do contribute to an exacerbation of chronic health issues.

  • Bioplasmic Radiation - In the form of illness imprints in our houses over bed spaces or throughout an entire home, from occupants which have long term chronic illnesses.

  • Bioplasmic Radiation - From people who have taken “medicines” which totally destroy their human biofield by switching off their Chinese Meridians and turning their red blood cells to a positive charge, and which is also able to electromagnetically ‘imprint” other people who have not taken such medicines.

    My research over the last 18 months has shown this to be the most dangerous form of radiation on the planet!  This is also the newest type of radiation we have found on the planet today that we are now all dealing with.

    These people, when assembled in groups in a building, can generate a Geoelectric Current throughout an entire house or building and it is a more harmful form of Bioplasmic Radiation than even a death imprint in a house.

  • Bioplasmic Radiation - A death that has occurred in a house or on a property can also generate these harmful Geoelectric Currents.

A Geoelectric Current is a positively charged ionizing Earth Radiation, which travels to the boundaries of a property and also “engulfs” a whole building in this Ionizing radiation.

  • Solar Winds & Planetary Retrogrades - Geoelectric Currents can also be generated by Solar Winds over 450km/second and Planetary Retrogrades i.e. Mercury in Retrograde. This is called Geomagnetic induced Geoelectric Ground Current.

    When solar winds or planetary retrogrades occur, the WHOLE PLANET is under Geoelectric Current!  And the Schumman resonance, which is a sympathetic resonance or radiance at a frequency of 7.83Hz is distorted, and has been recorded at a harmful frequency higher than 7.83Hz.

  • Mould - Mould is not generally regarded as a radiation problem, however, because mould resonates at a positive charge i.e. EMF, mould in a roof cavity projects an ionizing radiation charge "down" into the living spaces. And some people are very sensitive to this charge. That is why we always recommend the Stellar Dome® to neutralize the mould generated EMF. The Dome shape projects a radiance "upward" to negate the downward charge.

  • 5G in Smart Poles (Streetlights) - 5G in Smart Poles (streetlights) generates a Geoelectric Current throughout an entire suburb!

When we say that our harmonizers neutralize 5G, most people think that this type of radiation is coming from 5G towers.  However, beyond the boundaries of the compound where a 5G tower is situated, the radiation is non-Ionizing, thus rendered harmless.  This is contrary to what people are led to fear and believe. What we are referring to is the harmful Geoelectric Current caused by the 5G Smart Poles (streetlights).

So, the next time you think about mitigating radiation dangers in your home to ensure that you are not exposed to any unhealthy Ionizing Radiation, consider beyond just the Smart meter and Wi-Fi modem!

Our Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® harmonizer’s most important function is to remove OTHER big radiation dangers - Bioplasmic Radiation and Geoelectric Current Radiation including 5G Microcell Antennas in streetlights, with specific counter-frequencies that neutralize and balance the energy within homes and workplaces.

Comprehensive coverage to the boundaries of a property and comprehensively covering over 30 different types of harmful radiation fields. This is the unique difference of Orgone Effects® products. 

Proudly celebrating our 22nd Birthday Anniversary!