An Intuitive Building Biology Home Consult Overview

An Intuitive Building Biology Home Consult Overview

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of the Covid-19 virus lockdowns where a lot of people are now housebound and working from home with nowhere to go.  By popular request, we have compiled a rundown of what Gerard looks for in an Intuitive Building Biology home consult, and how he assesses the types of radiation hazards that are present.

Gerard explains.

First, l look for the bigger picture radiation fields. Is the home in a 5G activated area?  If so, then the entire home is FULL of radiation charge.  And there may also be another hidden danger which is created by the existence of 5G that l call “Activated Earth Magnetic Grid Lines’ which are around 2 meters wide.  They pose an even greater EMF stress in the body, which without 5G active, may not be present in the home.

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Has there been a death on the property which creates a radiation charge throughout the entire home, just like 5G does?  And is the ‘Activated Grid’ also present along with the death imprint.  If so, then care is taken to see if any of the occupants are being adversely affected physically and emotionally by hormone and neurotransmitter interference which manifests in the human bio-field as a full EMF charge.

I check if there are any other larger-than-usual Earth Magnetic Grid Lines such as the 400 Meter Grid which is 2 meters wide, or Earth Fissures which are water veins that can be 5 meters wide.

If there is no 5G present or Bioplasmic Radiation from deaths, I next investigate the current state of the planetary energies such as high solar winds or astrological retrogrades, which create the same charge throughout a whole house just like 5G does, and can sometimes be more harmful than 5G.

Then, to the finer details such as assessing Electrical Radiation dangers in the house such as Smart Meters or Solar Inverters against bedroom walls which result in an EMF charge that projects 2 meters into the living spaces.  While looking at all things electrical, l also look for any power points that have large EMF charged fields around them, which is quite typical of older homes built until the late 1960’s.  Bedside table lamps often have EMF imprints around them, which, even when the lamp is turned off, the EMF imprint still exists.

Next, I check for the radiation charge created by illness and emotional imprints caused by people who may be or have been emotionally or physically unwell for a prolonged period.  These imprints are usually found above peoples’ beds, and in their living areas.  This can also be a telling tale as to the general health of some of the occupants.

Digital TV’s and the direction which they are facing is next checked, as well as the height and size of the TV as this all contributes to how much EMF is being projected in front of the screens.  Remember, digital TV’s, not Wi-Fi, is the biggest technological EMF danger in a house.

Wi-Fi routers and the positioning of wireless devices around the house are also checked.  A Wi-Fi router sends a beam of energy to the wireless devices making them another localised EMF radiation hazard.

Then there are psychic attack energies which DO exist.  When groups of people, or a family who are being hammered by radiation within their house start to get a bit ‘scratchy’, this can lead to some deep seated negative emotions which eventuate as Negative Psychic Impression lines throughout the home.  This is what goes on in any typical Industrial or Commercial building or working environment too.

Of course, we also look for Mould.  Is it in the roof cavity?  Is it everywhere!  Mould equals radiation which is not a very commonly known fact.  Check out our blog here on Mould.

Last is, low vaulted ceilings in the house as they also produce radiation fields that project down like mould. That’s where the Stellar Dome is required because its shape and frequency radiates upward to neutralize the downward EMF charge.

How do l determine all of these energies?  I use a Biotensor or my own intuitive awareness of EMF fields.  I don’t use EMF meters because a meter will not read electrical imprints, Earth Radiation, Bioplasmic Radiation, mould radiation, vaulted ceiling issues, digital TV’s or Negative Psychic impressions.

So, this is what we are ALL potentially living in energetically, and with the whole family at home during lockdowns, it can make life quite uncomfortable.  If you are using a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome, then ALL the above radiation fields will be harmonized and the frequencies will now be in sympathy with the human bio-field, meridians and organs. In contrast not having radiation protection in the home can mean leaving frequencies which are disharmonious to the human bio-field, meridians and organs, manifesting as EMF stress in the body affecting everyone’s physical health and emotional well-being.


By Gerard Bini

Founder & Managing Director

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.