Achieve Your Fitness Goals EMF Free.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals EMF Free.

Do you work out at a gymnasium, or practice yoga or Pilates in a designated studio?  Do you play football at a stadium?  Are you aware of the EMF issues which are always present at these venues?

The above-mentioned types of sporting venues all have one thing in common as far as harmful radiation is involved.  It is technically referred to as “Bioplasmic Radiation” and comes directly from human-generated emotional pain body charge.  

When we are emotionally ‘charged up’ like a football stadium filled with 1000’s of people would be on any day of competition, the collective emotions (especially for those invested in winning with negative sentiment directed at members of the opposing team and their spectators), produce a harmful ‘positive charge’.


And that positive charge doesn’t just go away or fade when the game is over and the spectators have all gone home.  No, that positive charge remains for ever leaving an “emotional imprint” of positive charge that criss-crosses and covers the entire stadium that becomes in effect, one big EMF field.  

Bioplasmic Radiation at a stadium is about as harmful as being in a 5G street light zone, because the EMF charge creates a Geoelectric field in the ground which emanates up and out of the ground to about 1.5 meters, just like 5G does!  So, spectators within the stadium are in effect, and without realising it, experiencing the equivalent to an active 5G environment!

This harmful EMF field within the stadium does interfere with people’s emotional well-being as it causes stress on meridians and organs and especially endocrine organs, which, when unhappy, makes a person more emotionally charged and reactive. 

Gymnasiums and Pilates Studios are also problematic because of the same emotional pain body charge present which is created from all the different mindsets of the gym members while they’re working out.  I often hear a lot people say that their workout at the gym is a great way of LETTING OFF STEAM!  In other words, releasing negative emotions into the immediate environment where it ‘sticks’ and leaves an emotional imprint that doesn’t go away, that is, unless an effective EMF harmonizer like the Geoclense® or Stellar Dome® are employed to dissolve the Bioplasmic Radiation charge.


This function of the Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® are unique in the sense that NO other EMF harmonizer in the world can remove harmful Bioplasmic Radiation.  Shielding materials only reduce RF waves and have zero balancing effect on Bioplasmic Radiation, nor any forms of Earth Radiation.

Yoga Studios also have big EMF issues.  That’s why we sell the new Ener-Yoga Mat Patch which neutralizes all human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation imprints left by previous participants using shared yoga mats and within the building itself.  The Ener-Yoga Mat Patch has undergone an Ionic infusion process unique to Orgone Effects® that enables the patch to act as an EMF space clearing harmonizer, covering an area approximately the size of an average yoga studio holding up to 40 people. 

Body contact when the Patch is attached to your favorite Yoga Mat creates a harmonizing field of a healthy negative charge around your body that supports and balances the human energy fields, organs and meridians, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation.  While using your Ener-Yoga Mat, the blissful negative charge will stimulate your meridians and enhance your yoga meditation, providing a more calming and grounding experience.

Do you have a favourite sporting venue that you seem to perform better in than at other venues?  Those favourite venues of yours where you seem to play your best may be lucky enough to have healthy radiant ley lines running through it, which would have some EMF balancing effect like the Geoclense®, helping to reduce the EMF stress placed on your meridian system.


Wearing personal trackers is another big EMF danger. 

Personal trackers all interfere with the nervous system especially around the thyroid, and they block the central meridian.  We receive a lot of positive feedback from customers who use our Watch Harmonizer on their fitness trackers, especially from those who felt immediately ill when they first wore their personal tracker, and before applying our Watch Harmonizer.


Wearing personal protection harmonizers while playing sport or working out is also beneficial for protecting the meridian system from EMF stress.  Our Stellar Pendants, Harmonywear and especially the Ener-Bands do a very good job of protecting the meridians from EMF because they resonate at a frequency which is in harmony with the meridian system.  Also, the totally portable Stellar Dome is extremely popular for EMF protection during fitness activities when placed in your sports bag.

We must not get caught up in the wrong idea that a personal harmonizer is guaranteed to make you perform better.  Even though we have had many a sporting person say that they feel and operate much better when wearing our personal harmonizers. 

In 2007, the holographic disk silicone wrist band which hit the market was sold as a sports enhancer.  When it was released, we conducted testing of the product and found how harmful the wristband was to the meridian system, especially the kidney meridian.

Our Ener-Bands were not available at that time and l had no intention of producing one considering all the bad press the ‘other’ wristband received.  It was through strong requests by Kinesiologists who were extremely worried about their clients using the “other “wristband, that we decided to produce our own Ener-Band.  The Kinesiologists were relieved because they could trust a wristband with our unique infusion process to be beneficial, rather than harmful.

Plug the Geoclense® in immediately upon arrival at your sporting or fitness venue or take the portable Stellar Dome® as you don’t know what sort of energies may be there to greet you i.e. an overlap of emotional imprints within the stadium or room.  These localized fields are all neutralized by the Geoclense® and Stellar Dome®.  Add a touch of harmony to your fitness experience.

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By Gerard Bini,
Founder & Managing Director
Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.